Last pipe section for Nord Stream 2 is welded and ready

26 million households will be supplied by the Nord Stream 2 project, which upon commissioning will channel natural gas from Russian to Germany.

Photo: Maxim Shemetov/REUTERS / X90156

The final section of pipe for the much-discussed Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline connecting Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea is now fully welded and ready to lay in German waters, project company Nord Stream 2 AG informs in a statement Monday.

Yet another step toward commissioning is thereby complete.

Construction was originally meant to conclude in 2019 but was delayed by US opposition.

Some of the pipe traverses Danish waters and has also triggered heated political debate in the country.

Russian gas giant Gazprom expects to supply first gas to Germany via the pipeline in October.

The US government has repeatedly criticized the project, claiming that the pipe will render Europe too dependent on Russian fuel.

This has in turn stirred up tensions with Germany.

However, in July Berlin and Washington reached an accord entailing joint intervention in the event Russia uses gas supply as strategic leverage or, in an extended sense, acts aggressively toward Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 will transmit a total of 55 cubic meters of natural gas annually between the two countries – enough fuel to supply 26 million households, according to the project company.

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