Centrica feels the grip of Covid-19

The British utility sees its results for 2020 decline but takes the occasion to announce a five-year reduction to its climate-target deadline.

Malfunction on Danish-Swedish cable

Transmission between DK1 in Western Denmark and Sweden's SE3 will be at half force in the coming month due to a malfunction on the Swedish side.

Copenhagen energy groups form CCS alliance

The Danish capital's utilities, including Ørsted, ARC, Hofor and Vestforbrænding, have set up a new consortium, EnergyWatch gathers. The partners aim to capture 3 million tonnes of CO2 per year, while other joint infrastructure projects are also being considered.

Iberdrola raises bar to 95 GW by 2030

The Spanish utility announces investments of EUR 150bn approaching 2030, after a year when divesting its Siemens Gamesa stake ensured growth on the bottom line.

NKT eyes improvement in new deficit year

For the third consecutive year, NKT closes its annual accounts in the red, but the group's CEO forecasts an upswing and expects momentum to continue on the back of a strong orderbook.

Taxes, coronavirus eat EDF's profit

Like everyone else, utility EDF has been impacted by the coronavirus, while new taxes in France and the UK cut another chunk off its profit, which comes to nearly one tenth of that seen last year.

Court quashes consent for 1.8-GW Vattenfall project

Court cancels the planning approval for Norfolk Vanguard and warns neighboring project, referring to a lack of consequence assessment of the visual effect -- not of the turbines but of the onshore infrastructure. Vattenfall criticizes British permit process. (Updated)

Vattenfall woos oil industry

The Swedish utility is confident in its competitive edge and experience, while oil majors seek renewable energy to a far greater extent.

Ørsted notes interest in artificial energy island

Even though the utility has voiced stern warnings about building an artificial embankment island for Denmark's forthcoming North Sea power hub, it's still an interesting prospect, says CEO. The previous caveat was merely an expression of societal responsibility.

Ørsted changes strategy

Opposite previous announcements, the utility now banks on securing early funds from farming down its European offshore wind farms.

Ørsted burned more cheap coal in 2020

Coal-firing in Ørsted's power plants increased last year and was in line with the volume from five years back. The utility's CEO says he can live with a few bumps on the road toward completely quitting coal and is not considering divesting power stations that could be equipped with CCS systems.

Statkraft takes U-turn on offshore wind

The Norwegian utility is entering a domestic offshore wind project despite previously stating the opposite. Industry development has made it more profitable, says CEO.

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