COP26 protests begin as summit president urges delegates to hurry

Climate demonstrators gather in Glasgow calling for urgent action as the UN climate summit ends its first week, which saw a string of announcements and pledges made. Despite some progress in setting direction, a lot remains to be achieved, with several of the world's biggest polluters still not quite on board.

Uniper skyrockets from high gas prices

The German utility has benefited well from the high prices on natural gas of recent months, during which the company's trading activities have made a big contribution to revenue.

Statkraft banks on wind turbines surviving at Fosen

After the Norwegian Supreme Court's October ruling declared Europe's largest onshore wind farm's license invalid, Statkraft is still waiting for clarification on whether the wind turbines installed at Roan and Storheia will be allowed to remain in place.

Ørsted's offshore wind turbines reap no benefit from towering power prices

State subsidies and risk hedging are keeping a lid on cash flow from record-high electricity prices at Ørsted, which, on the other hand, books tidy earnings made from its gas contracts with Gazprom. Meanwhile and with a heavy heart, the utility's CFO notes coal money leaving a positive mark on company accounts.

High prices have Ørsted's hopes up despite low wind

Primary operations in the offshore wind business enters deficit, with wind in general only just kept afloat by onshore. The real rescue, however, comes from the company's electricity and, not least of all, gas sales.

Statkraft wins permit for 400MW hybrid farm

Chilean public authorities have alloted land and issued a permit for the Norwegian utility's first greenfield project in the South American country consisting of both wind turbines and battery-based power storage.

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