Europe’s energy woes hit fertilizers in another threat to food

Current high prices of energy in Europe, both on gas and electricity, continue to inflate costs for a range of associated commodities. The fertilizer industry, dependent on gas-powered ammonia production, is being hit hard and the squeeze could trigger higher food prices.

Europe's energy crunch is forcing UK factories to shut down

Scorching hot prices on gas and power in Europe are impacting many continental businesses and putting "inflationary pressure on every other cost", even leading some UK factories to halt operations to avoid being slapped with incapacitating utility bills.

Ørsted appoints new onshore CEO

The Danish utility has found the replacement for Declan Flanagan from among its own ranks. Ørsted has appointed the interim CEO as the fixed onshore chief.

BP recruits head of RWE Renewables

The oil giant strengthens its efforts toward a more climate-friendly business by appointing Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath head of the gas and low carbon energy division.

Coal plants in Southeast Europe killing thousands, report says

A new study from research center on clean air reports that coal-fired power generation from 18 plants located in former Yugoslavian countries is responsible for almost 20,000 deaths within three years. Being that EU imports some of this power, short-term measures like carbon border levies are proposed.

Investor capital has geeks trading at heightened risk

With a 15-percent divestment of the merely three-year-old, AI-driven Danish energy trader Yggdrasil Commodities, the firm's two founders are now ready to stop mixing in their private finances and start trading power across the globe.

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