Engie denied billion sale in Thailand

French energy giant Engie has been denied approval to sell a large energy producer in Thailand. Authorities are concerned that the sale will create a monopoly.

Possible Norsk Hydro closure could reduce Norway's power use by 12 percent

If Norwegian aluminum and energy company Norsk Hydro closes for a period, there could be extensive consequences for the largest-ever Nordic PPA. The company has committed itself to buy power for 19 years from the enormous 650 MW Markbygden onshore wind farm – a commitment that might be difficult to uphold due to a raw materials shortage.

Kamstrup banks on Sweden with new country manager

A new country manager for Sweden will ensure that Danish energy meter supplier Kamstrup gets a bigger market share of the Swedish utility sector's demand for efficiency gains and optimization solutions.

IEA exec: CO2 emissions will grow in 2018

Faith Birol says it will be a "big surprise" if global CO2 emissions do not grow this year. Contrary to the world's intentions, 2018 will be the second year in a row where emissions rise.

Utilities praise bankruptcy-threatened energy trader

Utilities are praising the deal between near-bankrupt energy trader Einar Aas and Nasdaq after the former lost millions of euros in speculation last week, compelling those same utilities to inject extra capital into a Nasdaq security fund.

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