Shopping mall to turn virtual power plant in Sweden's green push

A Swedish shopping mall equipped with electrical generation and storage hardware is now poised to offer network balance services as a virtual power plant, helping to keep the grid frequency stable as more intermittent renewables enter the national energy mix and conventional baseload options fade.

Denmark's oil production emits far more CO2 than global average

"Many countries are doing better than Denmark," says emissions expert from Rystad Energy. New report shows that oil extracted in Denmark not only pollutes three times as much as in Norway but is also among the global bottom. Industry organization pledges improvement.

EU's 2030 climate target talks now start in earnest

This autumn sets the stage for a particularly important climate struggle as the EU tries to reach an agreement on the scope of its carbon emissions reduction for 2030. Disagreement abounds, and regardless of the talks' outcome, the question remains if these measures will be sufficient.

Sweden can't guarantee open power market in 2021

There'll be periods in 2021 when Sweden will shut down its transmission capacity to neighboring countries. Once again, the cause is a bottleneck near Gothenburg, but the TSO pledges improvement.

New Vattenfall CEO sees fossil-free living as guiding star

Renewable energy projects should first and foremost be profitable, says Vattenfall's newly appointed CEO, Anna Borg, who sees wind and district heating as areas where the group's skills and aims for a carbon-neutral future and black bottom-line figures go hand in hand.

RWE joins Wind Denmark

The German utility becomes part of the Danish wind industry organization while also securing a board seat.

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