Oil giants squeezed natural gas into EU hydrogen plans

A letter signed by 33 companies in the oil and gas industry led the EU to, according to the signatories, make a last minute addition of hydrogen made from natural gas to a plan that otherwise focused on hydrogen produced using renewable energy.

UK regulator wants to halve grid companies' returns

Tighter regulation of grid companies' income frames are to prevent investments of at least GBP 25 billion impacting consumers, Ofgem proposes. Wrong way to reach zero-emissions, say companies, while consumer organization is pleased.

Statkraft enters its largest PPA to date

Once Scotland's offshore wind farm Seagreen is ready sometime between 2022 and 2023, half of the electricity generated by the 1,075 MW will belong to Norway, because Statkraft just entered a PPA with Total and SSE Renewables.

Nature Energy beats world record in new deal with Shell

The supermajor is to purchase biogas from Danish company Nature Energy in a deal that the parties say is the biggest of its kind. The long-term contract will both open up to and finance new biogas facilities internationally, says Nature Energy CEO Ole Hvelplund.

Cowi to play key role in new CCS project

A major Swedish collaboration aims to produce liquid carbon dioxide by capturing and storing CO2. Cowi will conduct a feasibility study for the planned infrastructure, which could end up becoming the first of its kind globally.

Danish hydrogen project advances despite Shell's exit

Utility Trefor wants to establish an extra substation for handling power to project Hysynergy near Shell's refinery in Fredericia, Denmark, where the oil giant's expected divestment isn't making the project manager fear for plans entailing gigawatts.

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