Joint venture reveals plans to develop GW-scale electrolysis in Ireland

A Canadian fuel supplier and Irish hydrogen company are teaming up in a new joint venture aiming to develop a huge project for the emerald isle – aiming for no less than 3.2 GW of green hydrogen and ammonia production, powered by future offshore wind.

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Ireland's renewable energy build-out just got a impressive bit of green news combined with healthy dose of fresh seaside air.

A new joint venture comprised of Canada's Zenith Energy and Irish hydrogen company EI-H2 are interested in developing 3.2 GW of electrolysis capacity to make green hydrogen and ammonia, powered by forthcoming offshore wind farms, report several sector media outlets including Renews and Recharge.

The two partners have reportedly submitted an application to carry out a feasibility study lasting one year to explore the notion before seeking further permission from public authorities.

"Ireland is on the cusp of a genuine green revolution. Instead of waiting for someone else to decarbonize our country, we are looking to develop domestic ways of making a real difference," says Pearse Flynn, founder of EI-H2.

If the project manifests, offtake will both go to domestic consumption, estimated to offset 2.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, as well as for export to other countries.

Old gas terminal going green

County Cork, in the southernmost part of the republic, already hosts a gas terminal located at Bantry Bay which, if the project is developed, will also serve as the location for the potential green fuel development.

The existing terminal has 19 storage tanks used for offloading tanker ships hauling crude oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels. This setup and "proximity to some of the most productive offshore locations for wind-generated electricity" prompted the joint venture to select the site for its strategic importance.

"This new joint venture will see Zenith Energy take a pioneering role in the development of a new green energy industry for Ireland," writes Zenith Energy Managing Director Ellen Ruhotas, according to the media.

"Critically, our green hydrogen and green ammonia production plans align with Government and EU policy for meeting the region’s 2050 climate action goals."

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