Experienced engineers set up wind company

DIS Group has set up the company Creadis Wind Solutions with the aim of offering special solutions for the wind industry. The first orders have already come in, and the solutions are in development.

Photo: Jens Dresling

DIS Group, which owns the international knowledge company DIS/Creadis, has set up a new company, Creadis Wind Solutions, which is to develop and sell specialized solutions to the wind industry, the DIS Group writes in a press release.

"With the creation of Creadis Wind Solutions, we have set up a company that will focus on a new chapter in the DIS Group: Product Ownership. With more than 20 years of experience in providing solutions to the wind industry, we have an enormous amount of knowledge and extensive practical experience. Combined with a large network of clients and suppliers, it forms a strong foundation for the new company," says Kenneth Schmidth, CEO of DIS/Creadis.

The company has over 20 years of experience in delivering technical solutions, projects and professional expertise to the wind industry. The idea is that Creadis Wind Solutions can combine specialized guidance with technical know-how for both onshore and offshore wind.

One of the solutions Creadis Wind Solutions is to provide to the wind industry is Navigation Aid Solutions (NAS).

NAS is a type of system integration solution designed for wind turbine owners and operators as well as OEMs developing both onshore and offshore wind turbines. NAS acts as an illuminated marker that helps aircraft and ships spot and navigate around the wind turbines to avoid collisions, according to the press release.

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