Media: Key partner in CIP shifted out of daily management

Internal tension within Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners means that one of the fund's founding partners has been removed from daily management.

Photo: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Several personal clashes have thrust CIP's partners into a power struggle which has led to the removal of Rune Bro Roin from the fund's daily management, reports Inside Business.

The media reports that the power struggle emerged as Bro Roin on several occasions butted heads with employees, pushing partner Sten Lønberg Jørgensen close to the verge of departure from CIP. In response, the other leading partners in CIP have found it necessary to tackle the clash with Bro Roin and bestow him with the title of founding partner, which, according to the media, indicates that he is no longer part of CIP's daily management.

"We will henceforth see strong growth not just in the organization but also in the activities in the project phase and finished existing projects. In connection with this, we have discussed with Rune that we will hence forth focus on optimizing the existing projects and concentrate less on daily management and new projects," explains Christian Skakkebæk, CIP partner, to the media.

He stresses that he will not comment on specific personal situations but says that CIP is concerned with polite tone and that people treat one another appropriately, and that it will deal with a situation wherein civility is lacking

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