Climate change has increased hydropower productivity

Norway's energy directorate has found a 3.5 TWh increase in productivity at the country's hydropower plants, shows new analysis. This increase can't be explained by anything but climate change. Whether the changes are permanent or natural fluctuations, however, the directorate can't conclude.

New analysis says popular resistance could petrify wind expansion

Opposition to expanding wind energy in Norway has gradually become more rigid than the country's mountain granite. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate now says this resistance, in the worst-case scenario, could completely halt the expansion of domestic onshore wind.

BOEM approves Ørsted-Dominion pilot project

The Federal US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has approved the design and installation method for a pilot offshore wind project that could surge from starting with two Siemens Gamesa wind turbines to landing at 2 GW.

Media: Vestas snags order in front of Siemens Gamesa

Out of seven original bidders for an Egyptian project rated at 250 MW, only Vestas remains, a domestic media reports. On the other hand, Siemens Gamesa announces a corresponding order and is said to await yet another.

UK sources main power from renewables

For the first time since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels – mainly coal – are displaced as the UK's main source of energy, thus giving way to a mix of wind, solar and biomass.

Avangrid reportedly in M&A talks

A US merger could entail a new utility valued around USD 67 billion as well as new consortium partner for Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

Norway green-lighted to store CO2 in the North Sea

Temporary application of a ten-year-old amendment to a convention means that Norway can now import CO2. This also marks the beginning of possible CO2 storage in the North Sea, petroleum and energy minister says.

Business case hydrogen: Cars are a blind alley

We need to have a discussion about the future of hydrogen in the context of accelerating decarbonization, says Boston Consulting Group, which takes a skeptical view of hydrogen as an energy storage medium or for cars in personal transport. The group holds that more attention should be paid to industrial processes and electrofuels.

Prospects for coastal wind projects obscured further

Offshore wind projects via an open-door ordinance are pushed into public hearings with a new procedural change. This will delay installation by an additional two to three years, making the green energy transition both more expensive and slower, states project developer.

Suzlon founder reports mystery suitor

While Tulsi Tanti reports renewed interest in the crisis-plagued turbine maker, Indian authorities are in no small words attacking an analysis that concludes the country will fall short of its 2022 expansion target by 71 GW.

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