Price on Taiwanese offshore wind more than halved

A Canadian utility walked away the winner in Taiwan's first price competition, which slashed almost two-thirds of the price relative to just two months ago. A handful of developers have gone home empty handed.

Swedish court approves 1,800 MW project

The third stage of Europe's largest onshore wind project has been approved. The installation of 442 wind turbines will begin as soon as possible, says developer.

Equinor & Microsoft sign deal for two new data centers in Norway

In the future, Equinor will ensure all its data is stored in the cloud at Microsoft, while the IT giant will study the needs of the energy industry by collaborating with the Norwegian oil and gas producer. Microsoft will also build two data centers in Norway.

Texas wind boom sets an example for the US

The State of Texas is the biggest fan of wind energy in the US, and there are no indications of this changing any time soon. The state has become an expect in managing the otherwise unpredictable energy source, says Texas system operator.

Vestas secures largest order in years

The wind turbine manufacturer has secured the most remarkable single order from the largest wind farm owner in the US, which has plans to install wind farm projects totalling 3680 MW.

GreenMobility now ready to enter Norway

The final contract between Norway's state rail services Norges Statsbaner and Denmark's GreenMobility has been signed, and the Danish car sharing concept is thus on track to be launched in Oslo.

AH Industries secures loan to survive huge deficit

The Danish Vestas sub-supplier is squeezed following a huge deficit. The company's owners are still confidence they can turn the business around, but they have needed to loan DKK 173 million (EUR 23.2 million) to stay afloat.

Vestas and KK Wind establish new industry standard

Players in the wind turbine industry should be better at challenging each other, if costs of next-generation turbines are to be lower. KK Wind and Vestas have just completed a project as an aspect of a new standard in which suppliers and manufacturers are to be more open about projects and – perhaps most importantly – speak the same language.

The 'golden geese' have outgrown their nest

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners takes an "opportunistic" view of the US after in won the Massachusetts' offshore wind tender. Despite having projects and partnerships in four global markets all within the last six months, CIP has no ambition to become the largest developer.

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