Ørsted sees France as far more mature for offshore wind

The energy company is returning to the French offshore wind market, which was suspended three years ago due to a lack of project oversight. Ørsted declines to comment on the distribution of ownership in the new setup, which involves French oil major Total.

US Vestas project receives approval

Apex Clean Energy has received a green light to install the third phase of the project Dakota Range in South Dakota, which is deliberating on deploying Vestas' largest wind turbine model.

Global Wind Service appoints new CEO

The co-founder steps back but continues on the board of a Norwegian-owned service operator, while a former Vestas director is appointed as the company's new chief executive.

German offshore wind supplier in dire straits

A tower and foundation manufacturer behind a number of Germany's yearly offshore wind farms has filed for insolvency. The company is currently searching for new investors, says trustee.

Shell buys energy storage firm

The oil major has purchased German smart battery company Sonnen, which offers an energy storage solution it claims can render consumers practically independent of electrical utilities.

Ørsted bids on French offshore wind

In a partnership with Total and Elicio, the Danish energy company aims to bid on an upcoming French offshore wind project with a combined capacity of up to 600 MW near Dunkerque.

Germany's onshore wind woes spill into 2019

The German Federal Network Agency is now demanding that the country's troubling and slow application process be remedied following the third consecutive undersubscribed tender. Southern German solar power is, on the other hand, still surging forward.

Ramboll behind Chinese giant offshore wind monopiles

The first two of a total 500 offshore wind turbine monopiles – the world's largest in China's Guangdong province – have been designed and installed in record time. "China has set very aggressive targets," says Søren Juel Peterson, Global Market Director at Ramboll.

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