Green-themed funds get more assets to manage

Two Danish money managers, Nordea Asset Management and Bankinvest report increased interest for investments in funds screened for environment, social and governance criteria.

Photo: Spar Nord/PR

A growing pool of investors are seeing the sense in investing in funds screened for environment, social and governance criteria (ESG), and this has boosted assest under management both at Nordea Asset Management's Climate & Environment-themed fund as well as in five different so-called "Stars" funds – from EUR 9.1 billion to EUR 14 billion, reports Danish business daily Børsen.

"We are indeed extremely pleased about this, because it takes place at time when active funds experience a huge outflow of capital," Nordea Asset Management Head of Fundamental Equities Hilde Jenssen tells the media.

Bankinvest assesses that the increased interest is due to factoring including political pressure for climate change mitigation and mounting attention paid to sustainability.

English Edit: Daniel Frank Christensen

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