Media: Nord Stream 2 planning to dodge new EU gas rules

Nord Stream is allegedly planning to move part of its new pipeline into an independent company to circumvent new EU gas market regulation.

Ritzau Scanpix/Reuters


It took extensive negotiations for the EU to agree on adding a clause to the gas directive stipulating that new pipelines from third-party countries – including Nord Stream 2 – will fall under the jurisdiction of EU market legislation.

However, these efforts could be for nothing. Financial Times reports that the company is currently working on a new plan to circumvent the regulations.

Three unnamed sources tell the media that Nord Stream 2 is exploring opportunities to relegate the remaining 50 kilometers of the pipeline to an independent company so the rest of the pipeline is not covered by EU regulation.

This means that Nord Stream will be able to negotiate conditions for 1,200 kilometers of the pipeline with Germany and thus exempt the project from EU rules, including tariff transparency and third-party access.

On the other hand, the EU gas directive will not apply to the new company and the pipeline's remaining 50 kilometers.

According to Financial Times, the plan remains in an early stage, and the Nord Stream company has declined to comment.

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