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Total announces fourth find in bountiful field

Suriname has proven lucrative for oil supermajor Total and partner Apache, which now present another find. The parties are ready for a new campaign and for in-depth study of the four discoveries made.

Poland ratifies offshore wind law

Offshore wind farms will be part of Poland's energy mix as of 2024, says the national government, which after long preparations ratifies legislation paving the way for 5.9 GW in offshore wind by 2030.

UK gas strike prolonged

A number of employees with British Gas have decided to prolong a strike by five days due to dissatisfaction with pay cuts.

Siemens Gamesa closes two factories

After months of disturbances and a month facing labor strikes, the OEM pulls the plug on two further facilities as a part of its onshore wind segment overhaul that's also led to a factory closure in India.

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