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EU ministers disagree ahead of important climate negotiation

With only few days felt before concluding negotiations between the EU Parliament and EU Council of Minsters, national energy ministers remain in wide disagreement as to how far their respective countries are prepared adjust climate goals for expanding renewable energy and optimizing energy consumption.

ACER's renewed mandate keeps power status quo in German favor

The EU's energy ministers agree regarding their proposal for a new ACER reulation. The compromise comes as a disappointment to the industry interest group Danish Energy, which says the regulation gives too much power to ACER's board of directors.

Trump to halt the retiring of coal plants

A rare alliance between the oil and gas industry and green organizations is protesting after Trump has tasked the US Department of Energy with halting the the retirement of old, unprofitable coal and nuclear plants.

Asset pricing underestimates physical climate risks, warns DWS

The EUR 700 billion asset manager now incorporates physical climate risk in portfolio construction, thus favoring firms with a more climate change-resilient business model. Globally, weather events have already hit share prices on several occasions and new data suggest markets have not yet priced in this risk.

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