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Danish Climate Council urges domestic exploration halt

Denmark's independent Council on Climate Change urges the country's government to cancel the eighth E&P license tender, saying national credibility is at stake and that fossil fuel extraction ought to stop in the Danish North Sea from 2050. Sector lobby Oil Gas Denmark calls it "highly dubious gesture politics".

"This is Denmark's lunar landing"

Denmark is vying to cut its toughest emissions with its plans to establish a large-scale PtX plant, says project partner. However, it's also an untested technology at such a large scale and entails many potential pitfalls and elements of uncertainty.

LNG import leader grinds to a halt

Japan's position as the world's largest LNG importer was already under increased pressure prior to the corona crisis. Now, utilities project it will be some time before gas demand in Japan returns to normal.

Norwegian energy minister: We should build more wind

Value creation from Norwegian wind power almost doubled from 2018 to 2019, shows a new report from trade association Energy Norway. The Norwegian energy minister says the country should install more wind, and she will soon present a bill to enable new project licenses.

Total begins dismantling efforts on Tyra facility

Oil company Total will decommission a plant in the Danish North Sea for the first time ever. The old Tyra platforms must go, so they can be replaced by new ones. "We're working with tolerances down to a few millimeters," says Morten Hesselager Pedersen, who heads the redevelopment.

Preem launches major CCS effort in Sweden

Sweden has opened its first test facility for carbon capture. The plant was built by Aker Solutions and will become a part of the Northern Lights value chain, which is backed by several oil giants.

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