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Obscure EU bank postpones climate-friendly plan

The European Investment Bank has proposed to rearrange its credit portfolio so that it supports climate change mitigation. The countries that own the bank have postponed this decision until November.

Climate change has increased hydropower productivity

Norway's energy directorate has found a 3.5 TWh increase in productivity at the country's hydropower plants, shows new analysis. This increase can't be explained by anything but climate change. Whether the changes are permanent or natural fluctuations, however, the directorate can't conclude.

UK sources main power from renewables

For the first time since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels – mainly coal – are displaced as the UK's main source of energy, thus giving way to a mix of wind, solar and biomass.

Norway green-lighted to store CO2 in the North Sea

Temporary application of a ten-year-old amendment to a convention means that Norway can now import CO2. This also marks the beginning of possible CO2 storage in the North Sea, petroleum and energy minister says.

Danish government could call off oil hunt free of charge

Basically, there are no state compensation costs associated with dropping the eight tender round, according to a response from the Danish Energy Agency. But the signal sent by canceling would be wrong, says a lawyer who has been advising one of the applicants.

Suzlon founder reports mystery suitor

While Tulsi Tanti reports renewed interest in the crisis-plagued turbine maker, Indian authorities are in no small words attacking an analysis that concludes the country will fall short of its 2022 expansion target by 71 GW.

Germany aims to remedy wind sector's big problem

But on the other hand, the federal German government is holding back from committing to firm emissions reduction targets, which along the implementation of distance requirements risks canceling out positive amendments.

Shale oil market faces pressure

Low oil prices and mounting financial stress is resulting in small and medium-sized shale oil extractors going bankrupt, and this could have far-reaching consequences.

Seagulls pose risk on offshore platforms

On oil and gas platforms, a constant battle is waged against unwanted birds posing health and safety risks to employees. "The problem is so large as to affect nearly all platforms," says offshore supplier Semco Maritime.

Hess engages heavily in rare "high-risk venture"

In the coming weeks, Hess Denmark will be engaging in a long-awaited oil exploration in the North Sea. "Of course there's great interest in it," says South Arne operator's CEO, George Lumsden, in an interview with EnergyWatch. It's the first time in five years that new drillings happen on the Danish seabed.

Prysmian lands contract with Tennet

The Italian cable manufacturer has won an order encompassing cables both above and below ground. The company itself deems the contract a milestone.

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