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IRENA, GWEC target 380GW in offshore wind by 2030

The two organizations have struck a deal to markedly increase the world's offshore wind expansion ahead of 2030. The current outlook is that 270GW will be established by 2030, with this capacity now set to jump by 110GW.

Dominion Energy: "Now it's our time"

The US offshore wind industry will need both increased public favor and more European experience in order to accelerate in earnest, says Joshua Bennett, vice president at Dominion Energy, which is heading a 2.6GW project in Virginia.

Locally built US offshore wind farm may spur domino effect

US power utility Dominion Energy is in the process of developing the US' largest offshore wind project via a unique model for financing offshore wind, but that method will not necessarily remain in use, says offshore VP to EnergyWatch.

EU aims to include entire value chain in carbon accounting for new fuels

With a new proposal for the IMO's climate committee, the European Commission is kicking off a discussion that is still in its nascence: that carbon emissions from new alternative fuels need to be measured from the point of extraction or the start of production and include the entire value chain.

Vattenfall raises emission cut target

The Swedish power company will tighten its climate profile even further in the coming years, with the whole value chain now set to achieve net-zero emissions before 2040.

Europe’s energy woes hit fertilizers in another threat to food

Current high prices of energy in Europe, both on gas and electricity, continue to inflate costs for a range of associated commodities. The fertilizer industry, dependent on gas-powered ammonia production, is being hit hard and the squeeze could trigger higher food prices.

Europe's energy crunch is forcing UK factories to shut down

Scorching hot prices on gas and power in Europe are impacting many continental businesses and putting "inflationary pressure on every other cost", even leading some UK factories to halt operations to avoid being slapped with incapacitating utility bills.

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