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Keeping the lights on after Brexit: No-deal's impact on energy

The UK will leave the European Union on March 29 and so far there is no agreement to replace the rules and regulations that govern vital trade between Britain and the rest of the world. If a no-deal happens, here is what it could mean for the country's energy industry.

Vattenfall's coastal farms under renewed processing

The Danish Energy Agency will produce a new EIA supplement on wind farm Vesterhav Syd and is also preparing to review its neighboring farm for environmental impacts. Vattenfall maintains its deadline for a 2019 start on operations.

Vestas intends to sneak big turbine into Germany

Through transforming the German wind sector's highest hurdle into an advantage, the wind turbine manufacturer has designed its new platform to glide rapidly and inaudibly into Europe's largest market.

Oil giants kneel to climate pressure

Royal Dutch Shell was the first, and now BP – another global oil major – now gives in to demands for implementing a reporting system on how the group intends to live up to the UN Climate Agreement.

Norway issues oil license at offshore wind site

Norway's government has granted an oil exploration license at the same site at which Equinor is planning to invest a major sum in establishing a floating offshore wind farm. Authorities deny having made a mistake.

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