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Denmark sets new completion date on Nord Stream 2

Information sent to the Danish Maritime Authority shows that the operator behind the controversial gas project expects to compete pipe-laying efforts through the country's waters during the third quarter of this year.

Vestas plans 1:5 equity split by end of H1

Whereas it's quite true that one little feather may swell till it becomes five fowls, or at least in an iconic Danish fairy tale, Vestas is now planning to pull off the same ratio in an equity split.

Germany to pay utilities EUR 2.4bn for nuclear exit

The federal republic has agreed to pay compensation to energy companies operating domestic atomic power stations following the country's policy shift to phase out the contentious energy source in the wake of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi meltdowns.

Uniper presents "outstanding" annual report

The German utility can be pleased with itself for having succeeded in getting its adjusted profit to grow despite sliding revenue. Omitting adjustments, though, paints a rather different picture.

Total criticized for handling of dangerous gas leak

Safety should have been better, and communications seemed random during last year's highly dangerous gas leak on the Tyra platform in the Danish North Sea, concludes Denmark's Accident Investigation Board for Offshore Oil and Gas Activities. Operator Total pledges improvements to procedures and practices.

Rambøll says CCS could halve costs

Danish utility and energy groups' plans to collaborate on transport and storage of CO2 will make the total expenses tied to carbon capture far lower, according to Rambøll's head of waste-to-energy, the idea-maker behind the new C4 cluster.

After historic fall, carbon emissions are now coming back fast

After taking a steep and unprecedented dive in fuel consumption last year due to Covid-19-related lockdowns and travel bans, CO2 emissions are once again on the rise and have been since late last year, show new IEA data, though revealing a few bright spots in green tech adoption.

Vattenfall drops new Danish onshore wind

The Swedish power company will not build any more new onshore wind farms in Denmark and now intends to divest its current development projects totaling several hundred megawatts. The utility insists that its move is not due to many years of domestic obstacles.

Malfunction on Danish-Swedish cable

Transmission between DK1 in Western Denmark and Sweden's SE3 will be at half force in the coming month due to a malfunction on the Swedish side.

Green equity funds take biggest losses

Several green equity funds that did very well in 2020 have recently seen significant corrections, with six in ten of the biggest loss-makers this past month categorized as 'green'.

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