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Denmark and India restart suspended collaboration

Monday, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen is traveling to India in order to re-open the Indo-Danish Joint Commission, which, among other things, is exploring collaborations in the energy sector.

Nasdaq rejects making a mistake in market collapse

The Vice President of commodity stock exchange Nasdaq Commodities maintains that energy trader Einar Aas' dispositions were under control in the days leading up to the dramatic collapse of the energy exchange.

EU in talks on utility regulation

A European agency supervising the energy market has been strengthened in favor of climate change mitigation, says Danish MEP and chief negotiator.

EU Commission breaks German blockade of Danish electricity

EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager is taking on the Danish-German electricity market and demanding that Germany relax the bottleneck that for many years has made it difficult for Danish renewable power generators to sell electricity to the German market.

Swedish pension fund managers still major fossil sinners

European asset managers -- including several from Sweden -- are overexposed to coal and oil, according to a recent survey from WWF. New analytical methods are gaining a foothold, and could potentially contribute to new investment strategies in future.

Volkswagen's diesel problems are far from over

Four years after the manipulation scandal involving up to 11 million diesel cars broke out, 2019 could mark the company's most challenging year, says Volkswagen head of compliance to Financial Times.

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