Norway's oil groups form closer ties in new initiative

Sector lobby Norwegian Oil & Gas takes the lead in a closer collaboration of players operating on the country's continental shelf.

Photo: Harald Pettersen, Equinor

At the request of its members, fossil energy interest group and employers association Norwegian Oil & Gas has decided to take the lead and act as facilitator for a series of collaborative projects, the lobby confirms in a statement Wednesday.

The organization is thereby tasked with turning cooperative ideas into reality, which, the statement says, is supposed to result in new innovative solutions and increased value creation across the industry.

In the media release, Norwegian Oil & Gas notes that companies today are to a far higher degree seeking out partnerships than has previously been the case:

"On the Norwegian continental shelf, companies must compete on finding, extracting and selling oil and gas resources. We can work together on finding common solutions for everything else. That's why companies share far more data the previously," writes Norwegian Oil & Gas Chief Executive Anniken Hauglie in the statement.

She also remarks that suppliers have also shown interest for the initiative and that these will be brought into the collaboration.

Equinor-boss on loan

Equinor Senior Vice President of Safety and Sustainability Øystein Arvid Håland gets the chief responsibility for the partnership.

In the coming time, he will lead a group of representatives from both operators and supplies to gather ideas from the sector, bring these to maturity and explore which concepts to take further.

The group will both pursue projects that can create cost reductions, improve safety or reduce the industry's climate impact, Norwegian Oil & Gas informs.

English Edit: Daniel Frank Christensen

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