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Oil up on US supply woes

Crude prices were otherwise headed for a plateau near the end of the week as coal and gas prices fell, curbing the development that boosted demand for oil in power generation.

Oil service firm loses nearly USD 60m in three months

Norway's PGS still suffers under the Covid-stricken oil market, delivering yet another financial report with enormous red figures on the bottom line. The deficit is smaller than Q3 2020, however, when PGS lost more than a quarter billion dollars.

High gas prices push coal to top of Europe's energy mix

Gas prices increasing tenfold has shifted the balance between coal and gas in the European power grid. The situation is akin to the time when the CO2 quota price was "very low" and will endure at least until winter's end, analysts say.

Oil surges on reduced supply outlook

Crude prices continue upward Friday morning, underpinned by signs of reduced supply in the coming months as more consumers switch from gas and coal to oil.

Dark green funds full of Russian gas, tech firms and mining companies

A peek behind the curtain reveals that Denmark's "dark green" funds, filled with securities classified as Article 9 under the EU sustainability taxonomy, are full of tech assets, but few companies in such portfolios are actually working promote climate change mitigation, baffling the country's financial supervisory authority.

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