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Reopenings in US, Europe lead to surging oil prices

Positive news about fewer restrictions in the US, Europe and China had both Brent and WTI on the rise by over 1 percent on Monday despite still high infection rates in other parts of the world, such as India and Taiwan.

Banks' scrapping initiative extends to drilling rigs

The Responsible Ship Recycling Standards initiative, backed by several large banks, updates standards and expands to include offshore structures such as drilling rigs. More banks have also joined, reports FinansWatch Norway.

Danish minister considers letting oil platforms stay in North Sea

It's an interesting perspective presented by environmental researchers recommending to let oil platforms stay in the North Sea after operations cease, says Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jørgensen to EnergyWatch. But the ocean must not become a dumpster, he adds.

Oil companies’ upturn expected to spread slowly to drilling

Oil companies are on the road to recovery thanks to rising oil prices, but their appetite for new investments is restrained. As a result, the troubled drilling sector must exercise patience as it waits for activity levels to improve, two stock market analysts tell ShippingWatch.

Total resumes LNG project

After a year's Covid-induced delay, the French oil firm resumes its efforts to establish an LNG venture in Papua New Guinea.

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