Swedish steelmaker joins green hydrogen trend

Beyond its core steelmaking business, H2 Green Steel now aims to establish 800 MW in green hydrogen production capacity.

Photo: H2 Green Steel

Swedish manufacturer H2 Green Steel plans to supplement its large-scale metallurgy operations with green hydrogen production, the company writes in a statement.

Construction of the green H2 plant is set to begin in the first quarter of 2022 and conclude before 2024, after which full-scale fabrication of 2.5 million tonnes of fossil-free steel will commence before the end of 2025.

After then, the company hopes to be able to ramp up production to 5 million tonnes of steel by 2030. To make such large quantities of the metal, big volumes of green hydrogen will be needed. That's why H2 Green Steel is moving to set up its own 800-MW plant to make the green gas.

"The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time – and given the steel's impact on other industries’ sustainable development, a rapid change of the steel industry is extremely important," writes H2 Green Steel's incoming chief executive, Henrik Henriksson.

Within just one week, news has emerged about large investments in hydrogen production in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, all of which involve using electricity to make the commodity, which will then be used to make both ammonia and steel.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, for instance, is planning a 1-GW ammonia facility in Western Denmark's Esbjerg, while Norwegian players Statkraft, Yara and Aker Horizons have revealed their efforts to build a 450-MW plant in Herøya, Norway.

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