Novozymes CEO resigns

Less than a week after denying any departure, Peder Holk Nielsen's resignation as chief executive at the strained company is announced, effective early next year.

Business case hydrogen: Cars are a blind alley

We need to have a discussion about the future of hydrogen in the context of accelerating decarbonization, says Boston Consulting Group, which takes a skeptical view of hydrogen as an energy storage medium or for cars in personal transport. The group holds that more attention should be paid to industrial processes and electrofuels.

Researchers warn against one-eyed focus on EVs

Regardless of whether the road to carbon-neutrality is paved by wood chips, electric cars or electrofuels, it should be traveled, researchers say in a new report busting the myth of the electric car as the panacea to personal transportation's problematic climate profile.

World's first car maker goes electric

Daimler AG has sent its last generation of combustion engines to the market for now. The company, known for models like Mercedes-Benz E- and S-Class as well as a range of trucks, will exclusively develop drive units for electric models in the future.

German climate plan "creates chaos" in wind industry

The prospect of some of the otherwise canceled offshore wind expansion returning is not nearly enough to compensate for introducing national regulation on minimum distances for onshore turbines, the industry sneers.

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