Wärtsilä testing ammonia in ship engines

Wärtsilä has started taking a closer look at ammonia as a potential solution to the maritime industry's climate troubles. From 2022, shipping companies will be incorporated into trials at sea.

Big players plan project to supply green transport fuel

A new consortium sets out to build a PtX plant in Scandinavia that can convert waste into sustainable methanol as an alternative transport fuel. Six of such facilities will be established in the Nordic region over the coming ten years.

Kamstrup suffers significant setback

The metering company hasn't been able to keep pace with the preceding two years and sees its profit wane. However, the firm notes that it has made large investments meant to quintuple revenue over a number of years.

Haldor Topsøe to grow on renewable fuels

Haldor Topsøe plans to boost its renewable fuel business this year by developing a range of new projects. "We can really feel the green energy transition changing things right now," the group's CEO says after a record year.

Swedish state authority drops fossil investments

The Swedish Export Credit Agency will no longer invest in natural gas extraction in the Arctic, for example. Going forward, investments through the agency will happen in accordance with the targets set by the Paris agreement.

Nel books both record revenue and loss in 2019

The Danish-Norwegian hydrogen company seriously began its path to large-scale production in 2019, and this has resulted in record-high revenue – but also an unprecedented red bottom-line result. However, an order book filled to the brim amid a more mature market could make 2020 a turning point for Nel.

Big acquisition whets Hempel's M&A appetite

Hempel raised both its top and bottom lines in the first year after buying German J.W. Ostendorf, prompting CEO Lars Petersson to vow further acquisitions. The company is now poised with more money than previously announced, he reveals.

Ammonia could emerge as best future fuel candidate

Ammonia is currently the best candidate among future eco-friendly ship fuels, shipping researcher Tristan Smith tells EnergyWatch's sister media, ShippingWatch. Ammonia has several advantages over other alternative fuels, he says.

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