Researchers aim to put renewable energy into a can

A new design from MIT presents a possible solution for storing renewable energy. Researchers behind the project aim to combine a familiar technology with a white-hot molten silicon medium and a ten-meter-wide graphite container


Potential MHI Vestas project grows by 2.2 GW

With partners from the oil industry, the world's largest offshore wind project has begun to take shape. MHI Vestas has been appointed to deliver 12 MW turbines for the project, which is now 3.4 GW.

MHI Vestas strikes deal for Taiwan offshore farm

The offshore wind turbine manufacturer is now one step closer to landing a new customer on the Taiwanese market, potentially leading to orders for upwards of an additional gigawatt. But political developments pose a threat.

This is how much the US Jones Act costs offshore service companies

The Jones Act cuts off Danish offshore service companies and suppliers from competing in the US market. This also applies to the offshore wind energy sector, which is currently is the process of establishing itself in the country. The OECD has now calculated the cost of the controversial regulation.

Jørgen Holm Westergaard energi danmark

Danish energy trader slapped with fine for market manipulation

The Danish financial crimes division has issued a fine of DKK 750,000 (EUR 100,471) to energy trader Energi Danmark and has confiscated the company's capital gains for ten counts of wholesale market manipulation, the Danish utility regulator informs. One other company is also implicated. "A clear signal signal to the market," says Danish Utility Regulator Director General Carsten Smidt.

Senvion wins order in Australia

The German wind turbine manufacturer has secured a portion of its extensive order book with the expansion of an ongoing project. But the turbines are expected to first enter operation around 2025.

Vestas gets a five-year old order

The wind turbine manufacturer is extending its lead in Italy, where it has secured more than 1 GW capacity in the country's tender system.

Offshore carriers facing tough winter

A tough few months lie ahead for offshore vessels on top of the fact that many do not have contracts, says brokerage firm Lorentzen & Stemoco, according to Norwegian media Sysla.

EU Commission breaks German blockade of Danish electricity

EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager is taking on the Danish-German electricity market and demanding that Germany relax the bottleneck that for many years has made it difficult for Danish renewable power generators to sell electricity to the German market.


Beleaguered British onshore wind sector poised for post-Brexit comeback

A crippled UK Parliament, more concerned with bickering about Brexit and pointing fingers than securing domestic development, has sent the country’s onshore wind energy sector back to the drawing board. But the technology could make a big comeback in two years, evaluates British trade association Energy UK.

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