Australia billionaires plan to export solar power to Singapore

A major Australian project entailing 10 GW of hybrid solar capacity with energy storage, connected to Singapore through a 4,500 kilometer export cable is in the process of raising capital. If realized by target year 2027, the project could supply around one fifth of the city state's electricity requirements.

Final monopile built for Kriegers Flak


Another important step is taken in the development of Denmark's next offshore wind farm. The final steel monopile has now left production and is closer to installation at the Vattenfall-led project.

Investors criticize IEA in open letter: "We urge you to do better"

A series of investors criticize the IEA for not having made adequate recommendations for achieving the Paris Climate Accord's goals. Scandinavian pension funds PensionDanmark and Storebrand are among the letter's signatories, rebuking the IEA for failing to live up to its responsibility.

Exeger and ABB to build billion-dollar solar cell factory in Sweden

Backed by SoftBank, Exeger is now ready to construct a large-scale solar cell factory for production of third-generation solar cells. The new production facility will be built in cooperation with ABB, which develops robots and automation solutions for Exeger and its factories.


PPA heavyweight: Price is far from the most important factor

In three years, Norsk Hydro has gone from being a wind energy freshman to taking on the role of sector-wide trend setter that continues to set new standards for both duration and scope for PPAs. Security and counterpart risk trump all other factors when new deals are entered, says Norsk Hydro's head of power negotiations.

Norwegian power-guzzler yearns for wind

Norsk Hydro looks with concern upon the resistance toward wind energy, which in the worst-case scenario might end up yielding a power shortage in Norway. If electricity during a societal process of electrification is to be held at a more or less stable and cheap level, wind energy is a must, says the company, which on its own accounts for 14 percent of Norway's power consumption.


Thor gets new subsidy scheme

The winner of Denmark's Thor offshore wind project will be compensated if the power price drops below the preceding year's average. If the price is higher, though, the profit will be shared with the state.

Suzlon approaches complete collapse

Buyers are gone, the deficit deepens and Suzlon's debt has exploded. The Indian OEM has halted payments to most of its investors, several of which are threatening the manufacturer with insolvency liquidation.

Ineos nears milestone for problem-stricken Hejre field

Ineos expects to have completed preparatory efforts for development projects Hejre and Solsort in 2020, says CEO Sebastian Koks Andreassen in an interview with EnergyWatch. Neither of the projects are projected to be completely operational within the next few years.

Ineos has settled its Danish oil business

Following two rounds of layoffs and several restructurings, the North Sea operator is well-positioned for the future, assesses CEO Sebastian Koks Andreassen. "The business did not make money by itself," says the CEO about Ineos' Danish oil business.

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