European Energy pays for good timing

An existing bond loan will be redeemed at a premium price by European Energy, but the company is not guaranteed any big savings. It is a matter of timing, explains the CEO.


Dong paid millions in Hejre settlement

The yard which constructed an unused platform component for the Hejre field was still able to profit from the situation, taking advantage of Dong's eagerness to divest of its oil division without a lingering court case, report South Korean media.


Media: Maersk will list Oil and shelve other plans

Maersk Oil could be listed on the stock exchange in less than six months, reports Danish media Berlingske, based on information from unnamed sources. Meanwhile, the group is shelving IPO plans for Maersk Supply Service and Maersk Drilling.


Dong jumps on board the British battery wave

Dong Energy will be the first in the world to integrate a battery storage system into an offshore wind farm, challenging Vattenfall which is also focusing on battery storage in the UK market.

Solarpark Vandel.jpg

European Energy declines in first quarter

Although revenue and profit declined relative to the year prior, the result has nevertheless spurred the Danish wind and solar developer to increase its expectations for the year.

co2 kraftværk dong hc ørstedsværket

Major uncertainty about US climate plans

Whether or not the US will completely withdraw from the Paris climate accord will be decided within a few days, according to US President Donald Trump. However experts agree that the battle to fight climate change will continue – with or without the US.


Europe's biggest utilities join blockchain energy trading trial

Blockchain is the technology at the heart of bitcoin and may help the energy business adapt to a more decentralized world. Some of Europe's biggest utilities have joined a project to test blockchain-based trades in wholesale power and natural gas markets


Dong fires staff after divestment

After selling off its oil and gas division, Dong Energy is bidding farewell to both its conglomerate structure and its three-digit number of employees.