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Iran, Total expect to sign biggest gas-field deal in weeks

Iran has the world's biggest gas reserves and is the third-biggest oil producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Total expects to sign a contract with Iran to develop part of the world's biggest natural gas field in the next few weeks.

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British energy regulator leans towards approval of Norwegian cable

The UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets takes a positive stance on the 650 km NorthConnect cable which will transport electricity through the North Sea, as well as two additional cables. However, the regulator points out that there are tight schedules and Brexit could affect the project.


EU Parliament approves new scale for energy labels

All that remains is a final formal approval from the EU energy ministers, and a new scale for energy labels will be good to go, after the EU Parliament voted in favor of a proposal to remove the categories from A+ and up.


Report points to "vast volumes" of oil in Norway

Norway has produced oil and gas for 50 years, but the reserves are not even halfway depleted, notes the company's petroleum directorate in its latest resource report. Discoveries have been made for volumes totaling more than 4.4 billion barrels, according to the report.


May will create broader consensus on Brexit

Theresa May and the leader of Northern Irish party Democratic Unionist Party, Arlene Foster, will meet in Downing Street Tuesday to continue discussions to form a national government.

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Dong shrugs at the big plans from oil majors

Shell should construct its first offshore wind farm before the oil behemoth starts making plans for 10 GW projects, advises Dong Energy's head of wind, although he admits that the risk will grow going forward.