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Novozymes parts ways with CFO Benny Loft

CFO Benny Loft is stepping down after 17 years at Novozymes. The departure is in the interest of both parties and it is time for change, writes Novozymes in a press release.


Dane braced to battle it out against Tesla

Armed with a new electric car, Henrik Fisker is now trying to conquer the electric vehicle market. After leaving his company due to disagreement with the executive management team, he has returned with promises of nine-minute charging and more.


Ambitions stalling on energy efficient buildings

Despite the fact that energy efficiency could help the EU meet up to half its climate requirements and create jobs, health, and safety in the process, it is still difficult to get both attention and support for the field.

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Tesla accused of poor working conditions

Tesla has conquered the electric car market and has set the standard for design and security across the entire industry. But the US company has apparently neglected to take care of employees along the way, writes a UK newspaper.

Kunder i amerikansk Home Depot.jpg rockwool

Rockwool beats expectations

The Danish stone wool manufacturer boosted revenue and raked in more money than during the same period last year. A "positive calendar impact" is cited as a major contributor to growth.

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Tesla loses executive from major acquisition

Less than one year. That is how long Tesla managed to hang on to the founder of the company's major acquisition from 2016. SolarCity's founder and former CEO wants to spend more time with his family.

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Another major loss for Danish e-car operator Clever

Danish electric car operator Clever, which installs chargers and infrastructure for electric cars across Denmark, has now accumulated a deficit of approximately DKK 150 million. Yet despite another big loss, the CEO considers 2016 satisfactory.

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Novozymes growth driver finally driving some growth

Slowly but surely, the Danish biotech company's venture into biofuels is starting to show growth in sales. This solidifies what seems to be a turning point after several years of disappointment on the market, says Novozymes CEO Peder Holk Nielsen.